ULTRA is a creative documentary about people who dedicate their lives to running, in order to compete in this radical journey. The movie follows four protagonists on the 246 km-long road of Spartathlon as they confront extreme hardship and surpass the limits of their strength, both in their body and their mind. For some of them it’s a therapy, for some of them it’s a compensation or a journey. Balazs Simonyi is not just the director of the film, but one of these runners. ULTRA is a touching human drama, a character-driven-film told from an antiheroic angle.
  • Original title: Ultra
  • Director: Balázs Simonyi
  • Year of Release: 2017
  • Prizes: Shortlisted for the European Film Academy Award (2017)
  • Length: 80 min
  • Screening times: Oct 10 8 pm BDFC Ladenkino (Q&A) ; Oct 13 5.30 pm BABYLON ; Oct 14 6.15 pm BABYLON
  • Buy tickets online: link
  • IMDB: imdb link