Two Half Times in Hell

On Hitlers birthday Nazi German soldiers decide to organize a soccer match between prisoners of war and Germans. Although the organizer believes that soccer is sacred and does his best to train the team, he is tempted to escape along with the others, when they find an opportunity. They get caught, but the game takes place anyway. They play, hoping that they might get pardoned and not get executed in the end. War and sport in an irresistible combination. Remake two decades later titled Escape to Victory by John Huston; filmed in Budapest, starring Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone, Pele and Max von Sydow.
  • Original title: Két félidő a pokolban
  • Director: Zoltán Fábri
  • Year of Release: 1960
  • Prizes:
  • Length: 120 min
  • Screening times: Oct 18 9 pm CHB Panorama Saal
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