Trans-Danube I-II

This atmospheric documentary leads us into the unknown word of cargo ship sailors on the Danube. On this journey we can take a glimpse on their fluvial "workplace's" natural and industrial environment. In the first episode the two-person crew on the deck of a 80 meters long cargo ship called Sofia Maria travel through with 1000 tons of goods from Germany to Hungary. The sailors, Imre and Laci spend 350 days a year together on the river so they don't have to talk much, but they understand each others thoughts. In the 2nd episode a seven-person crew travel on the longest Hungarian cargo ship called Melanie from Hungary trough the Balkan till the last port at the Black Sea.
  • Original title: Transzduna I-II
  • Director: Gergő Somogyvári
  • Year of Release: 2016
  • Prizes:
  • Length: 116 min
  • Screening times: Oct 21 8 pm Szimpla Badehaus (with live music)
  • Buy tickets online: link
  • IMDB: imdb link