Time Stands Still

A Budapest high school in the beginning of the 1960s. Dinis suffers the torments of adolescence. His father had to leave Hungary after the uprise in 1956, and since then Dini's mother has had to take care of her two sons on her own. A friend of Dinis' father, Bodor, is released from prison and moves in with them. Dinis and his brother Bodor are far from happy over this intrusion of their family life.
  • Original title: Megáll az idő
  • Director: Péter Gothár
  • Year of Release:
  • Prizes: Best Foreign Film, Award of the Youth, Cannes Film Festival, 1982 Best Feature Film Nomination, Chicago International Film Festival, 1982 Best Foreign Language Film, New York Film Critics Circle Awards, 1982 Silver Charybdis, Taormina International Film Festival, 1982 Best Director Awars, Tokyo International Film Festival, 1982
  • Length: 99 min
  • Screening times: Oct 14 8 pm CHB (free entry); Oct 22 8 pm CHB (free entry)
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