Leave/Stay: Sweet Home

LEAVE/STAY is an independent documentary series on the migration trends, life experiences, dilemmas and world of the contemporary Hungarian youth, the generation of the “new mobility”. Sweet Home is the three short family stories of those who after a considerable stay abroad returned or, at least, try to return to their homeland.
  • Original title: Menjek/ maradjak: Édes otthon
  • Director: Loránd Balázs Imre, Bálint Tusor, László Józsa
  • Year of Release: 2017
  • Prizes: Erasmus EuroMedia Award for Outstanding Documentation of European Migration Experiences Leave/Stay – Documentary series and social project
  • Length: 60 min
  • Screening times: Oct 17 8 pm CHB Panorama Saal (Q&A) ; Oct 23 8 pm BABYLON
  • Buy tickets online: link
  • IMDB: imdb link