Fever at Dawn

Based on the director’s novel about his parents, the film tells the story of a young, seriously ill Holocaust survivor in a Swedish hospital, who decides that instead of dying, he will fall in love. He writes more than a hundred letters to Hungarian girls recuperating in Swedish sanatoriums after the war, and they mutually fall in love with one of his pen pals before they even meet.
  • Original title: Hajnali láz
  • Director: Péter Gárdos
  • Year of Release: 2015
  • Prizes: Best Narrative Feature Film – Cinequest Film Festival (2016)
  • Length: 114 min
  • Screening times: Oct 15 10.15 pm Babylon; Oct 19 9.45 pm Babylon; Oct 23 7.45 pm Babylon
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  • IMDB: imdb link