Another Hungary

The film presents us a contemporary Hungarian artist, Imre Bukta, whose work is exhibited in contemporary art galleries throughout Europe, and who lives in a Hungarian village that is on the verge of total decline. In the style of a free cinematographic essay Dénes Nagy brings to light unknown territories of Europe and the lives of people who inhabit these areas. Delicately interweaving landscapes and portraits, silence and sounds, this poetic documentary captures the inner spirit of another Hungary.
  • Original title: Másik Magyarország
  • Director: Dénes Nagy
  • Year of Release: 2013
  • Prizes: """Best Documentary of 2013"" Prize awarded by the Hungarian Film Critics` Association 24th Mediawave International Film Festival, Komárom, Hungary, 2014 – “Best Hungarian Documentary Film” Prize BuDoku - Documentary Film Festival of Budapest, Hungary, 2014 – “Grand Prize” awarded by the International Jury Szolnok International Art Film Festival, Szolnok, Hungary, 2014 – “Best Documentary” and “Best Cinematography” Prizes 11th Zagreb Dox International Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2015 – ""Little Stamp"" Award for Best Film of a Young Author Mecenatúra 2015 - ""Ember Judit"" category main prize - Best Documentary Award"
  • Length: 51 min
  • Screening times: Oct 17 20 pm Babylon
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  • IMDB: imdb link