HUNIWOOD | Hungarian Film Festival Berlin brings the very best of most recent Hungarian cinema to the Berlin public for the 2nd time with

• love
• recent films of internationally renowned, award-winning directors and young talents such as 67th Berlinale Golden Bear Winner Ildiko Enyedi (On Body And Soul, 2017), Academy Award (Oscar) Winning Krisfóf Deák (Sing, 2017), recent Karlovy Vary Awardee Szabolcs Hajdu (It’s Not The Time Of My Life, 2016) and many others
• acclaimed animation and short films with the curation of DAAZO.COM
• visionaries of documentary (such as European Film Academy shortlisted director Balázs Simonyi, 2017)
• a rich and diverse program featuring:

12 recent fiction feature films (Curated by Bori Bujdosó, film critic)
13 recent feature documentaries (Curated by Bojána Papp, documentary filmmaker)
10 unforgettable masterpieces remembering the 100th anniversary of internationally acclaimed Hungarian director Zoltán Fábri (Curated by Bojána Papp, documentary filmmaker, and the cooperation of the Hungarian National Film Archive)
5 recent award-winning short films (Curated by Dániel Deák, Daazo.com)
15 recent award-winning animated shorts (Curated by Dániel Deák, Daazo.com)


The actual mission of the HUNIWOOD | Hungarian Film Festival Berlin is threefold:

• founding a stable platform for Hungarian film
• enhancing a more differentiated view on the society of Hungary as well as the dialogue between film-makers of the two countries
• positioning Hungarian cinema as world class by showing its outstanding works and emphasizing its great variety

Most screenings take place in the (Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin, Germany) and at the (Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin, Germany), everything else will be announced in the event section.

Movies are in original language with English subtitles to reach a diverse, open minded public.







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